About us

EMDR Lebanon Association (Decree # 691 – Foundation Date Apr. 25, 2013) is a non-profit Lebanese organization of mental health professionals who are practicing psychotherapy and who are trained or certified in EMDR Therapy. EMDR is the acronym of Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, and it is a psychotherapy approach that was developed by an American clinical psychologist, Dr. Francine Shapiro, in 1987.

EMDR Lebanon Association’s main purpose is to introduce EMDR Therapy to the Lebanese community and  to spread the awareness of its efficacy and potency in treating Posttraumatic Stress Disorders as well as other psychological disorders that originated from traumas and unprocessed negative experiences. It  also seeks to organize EMDR training workshops, lectures, and conferences for mental health professions in Lebanon and the Arab world. Furthermore, EMDR Lebanon Association wishes to take part in building a network of communication among EMDR clinicians nationally and internationally.